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About Us

Our Story

Xender for trading Co. Ltd originates from a commercial activity established back in the early 50’s by Hanna Iskandar. In the 90’s the management was passed on to his sons, Hanna Iskandar, assisted by his family since the early 90's.

Xender have been a family of merchants for decades. For over 60 years Xender for trading Co. Ltd have been devoted to supplying excellent quality products in Lebanon, and now it's officially distributing all over UAE by his grandchildren.

Our Mission

Our journey commenced in the year 1959, with a vision to bring in the freshness of premium quality fruits and vegetables to the blooming market of Lebanon.

Today, our Trading Company (Xender), successfully caters to the demands of the local and international markets in UAE.

Our Vision 

We believe in serving our clients with only the best produce, the widest range and options as well as the freshest options. Xender holds values of partnership, customer service and community building as its core values and it is testimony to our long-standing continued business relations with our valued clients

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